Consultation in fumigation business by an independent expert witness

  • Inspection and assessment of warehouses, production facilities (e.g. flour mills, silos, flat stores) and transportation units (ship, container, truck etc.) on suitability for fumigation
  • Assessment of success after fumigation
  • Special fumigations of aircrafts, ships etc.
  • Supervision and inspection services
  • Inspection of In-transit fumigated containers, vessels,…
  • Expert of Container Safety (supervision, gas measurement, risk management)
  • Accident investigation after fumigation for insurance companies and others (In-transit fumigated vessels, etc.)
  • Maintenance of industrial health and safety standards with special regard to fumigants and pesticides
  • Training of fumigators (inert gases, Phosphine, Sulfuryldifluoride) (Methylbromide, HCN)
  • Methyl Bromide alternative technologies (IPM technologies, heat treatment etc)

NEW: Official Fumigation Training Courses on Phophine-application in Hamburg

For more information: www.bm-seminar.de